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Conception TV Anime Teases Its Stable of Star Maidens

As recently revealed, Spike Chunsoft’s RPG Conception is coming to the world of TV anime in a GONZO-animated adaptation this October. Keitarou Motonaga is directing the series, and a new teaser is here with a very brief peek at the various Star Maidens with which protagonist Itsuki Yūge must procreate.

The original Conception was a school romance RPG in which the main character, high schooler Itsuki Yūge, fulfilled his destiny to save the world by creating children with the 12 maidens of the zodiac. We never got the first game over here, but 2013 sequel Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars hit PS Vita and 3DS in the west in April 2014, followed by a worldwide PC release that May.

Via Ota-suke