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Dragon Ball Z SFX Make Apex Legends Even More Exciting

apex legends

What’s the one key component missing from the insanely popular battle royale genre? Whether it’s Fortnite, PUBG, or current FPS flavor of the day Apex Legends, none of them have music and sound effects from Dragon Ball Z!

This may seem like an obvious omission, but it’s one Twitter user @neko_kk2 decided to correct in Apex Legends. Through the magic of video editing, your average match becomes an epic DBZ showdown. As @neko_kk2 puts it in the tweet below, “If all FPS games had sound effects like Dragon Ball, it’d rule.”

Regardless of how exciting it is, some Japanese viewers got a different vibe from the video. If you want to take a deeper dive into the world of 2chan memes, SoraNews24 has the details on why this particular DBZ background music had many commenters cracking up while watching.