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Start Your Elsword Adventure Today for Exciting Rewards!

Featured Spotlight: KOG Games

Anime-style adventure awaits in the world of Elsword Online, a story-driven RPG loaded with attractive character designs, dynamic quests, and plenty of rivals to battle along the way. Now is the best time to sign up, too, because Elsword currently has a New Adventurer Support Event running from September 27 to October 17. Register today to get in on the action and you’ll get a bunch of helpful rewards in return!


Hopping into Elsword gives you access to twelve specialized and customizable characters, and players will be able to evolve their fighting styles, upgrade and change classes, and learn new abilities throughout their adventure. Missions can be taken on as single-player efforts or with a party of up to four players, and there’s plenty of optional PvP action to dig into for those who want a serious challenge.

Even if you’d rather take it a little easier, Elsword is open to players of all skill levels. Thanks to intuitive controls, newcomers and veteran warriors alike will be able to enjoy the exciting journey together.


Take advantage of the New Adventurer Support Event today and you’ll receive a New Adventurer Support Cube when you log-in for the first time. The Cube contains items that offer new players a unique advantage, like EXP Boosts and Philosopher’s Scrolls for faster leveling, stylish gear, fancy mounts, and more. Sign up now and get ready to enter a whole new world of immersive fantasy.

** This article was sponsored by KOG Games **