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Fans Rank Their Favorite Kancolle Characters

Kantai Collection, better known as KanColle: it’s been a web browser game, and anime, and a pizza box. Now it’s the subject of another poll by our favorite Japanese pollsters, Goo, who have asked their pollees: who’s your favorite KanColle character? Here were the top 10:

8 (tie) – Yamato
8 (tie) –Atago
8 (tie) –Hibiki
7 – Ikazuchi
6 – Kaga
5 – Kongou
4 – Hiei

3 – Shimakaze
1 (tie) – Akagi
1 (tie) – Fubuki

Two things to note about this poll: they’re technically asking about the anime, so this is less about “which ship do you like to use?” than “which character from the show do you like?”

Also of note: the highest ranking characters got 4.4% of the vote, while the lowest got 1.8% – not a gigantic spread like we’ve seen on some of these other polls. Everyone’s got their own personal favorite battleship, which is the whole point of these hardcore otaku-focused shows, we guess.

Have you been keeping up on KanColle? Who’s your favorite?

Source: Goo

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