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It’s Hot Dudes Vs. Babies in the Gakuen Babysitter Anime

gakuen babysitterThat may sound like a one-sided fight, but have you ever had to take care of a toddler? It’s serious work, and that’s exactly what the handsome men of Gakuen Babysitters are up against. Based on the shoujo manga by Hari Tokeino, the TV anime adaptation is set for a January 2018 premiere in Japan.

Here’s a new promo:

Shūsei Morishita directs, with Brain’s Base producing the anime that follows Ryuichi Kashima and his infant brother Kotaro, both orphaned after the sudden death of their parents in a plane crash. Yoko Morinomiya is the director of a children’s academy who lost her adult son and daughter-in-law in the same crash, so she agrees to become the Kashima brothers’ legal guardian until they can live on their own.

In exchange, Ryuichi is tasked with working at Morinomiya Academy as a babysitter.


gakuen babysitter

gakuen babysitter

Source: Ota-suke via Crunchyroll