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“Gundam Front Tokyo” Theme Park Opening in April

Sunrise has announced that they will open a small theme park called “Gundam Front Tokyo” in the Tokyo Waterfront Area on April 19, 2012. They are planning to bring back the life-size Gundam to “Diversity Tokyo Plaza” in the Oume district, which has both a free and pay area.

In the pay area, they will display the history of Gundam and utilize audio-visual effects reflected on oversized screens. The entrance fee is ¥1,000 (about US$13) for adults (high school and up) and ¥800 ($10.50) for children.

In the free area, they will display Gunpla (Gundam plastic model figures), and feature souvenir shops where you can get original Gundam products.

And for the best news of all, displayed in the square park in front of the plaza will be the return of the life size RG1/1 RX-78-2 Gundam that was on display in Tokyo a couple years back.

They will also open a Gundam Café on the second floor of the plaza.

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