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Hayate the Combat Butler to End in Six Chapters

After over a decade of combat, Hayate is throwing in that little butler towel.

Kenjiro Hata’s Hayate the Combat Butler is set to end after another six chapters, reports Weekly Shonen Sunday, the manga magazine in which Hayate has run since 2004.

Hata had previously hinted he wanted to start a new series in 2017.

Hayate, which currently spans 50 collected volumes, is the story of Hayate Ayasaki, an unlucky 16-year-old whose parents straddled him with a massive debt. He somehow becomes butler to a wealthy heiress, but aside from standard butlering duties, Hayate must protect his employer with, you guessed it, combat.

The manga has been adapted into several anime projects, video games and even a live-action Taiwanese TV series.

See you, combat butler…

Source: ANN