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Say Hello to Hello World, New Film from Sword Art Online Director

Hello World, the new theatrical anime film from Sword Art Online director Tomohiko Ito, greeted the world today with a mess of details, including cast, poster and trailer.

Oh, and a release date: the film will say hello to Japanese theaters this September 20.

The film takes place in the Kyoto of 2027, and centers around classmates Naomi Katagaki (Takumi Kitamura) and Ruri Ichigyo (Minami Hamabe)—oh, and Naomi again, but from 10 years in the future (Tori Matsuzaka).

The film is animated in CG at Graphinica (Expelled from Paradise) with a script by Mado Nozaki (Babylon) and character designs by Yukiko Horiguchi (K-On!).

Look forward to delivering salutations to Hello World this September.

Source: ANN