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Magical Girl Lyrical NANOHA Reflection Giveaway!

ELEVEN ARTS Anime Studio is bringing the anticipated feature anime film Magical Girl Lyrical NANOHA Reflection to U.S. theaters on February 9, and we have a giveaway to celebrate. Between now and the film’s premiere, you can enter to win one of three poster and badge sets featuring the lovely magical girls of NANOHA Reflection!

The prizes up for grabs include:

• Nanoha Poster +Nanoha Badge
• Fate Poster +Fate Badge
• Hayate Poster +Hayate Badge

We’ll be selecting three winners over the course of the next nine days, and we’ll notify those who win by email. All you have to do is fill out the form below to enter for a chance to win one of these three poster and badge sets, so give it a shot today!


Fill out the form below, read the rules, and click “submit.”
If your name is chosen, we’ll contact you, or just send you the item!

NANOHA Contest Form

Enter to win NANOHA posters and badges!