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Masakazu Suzuki’s Rogue Samurai Manga Risks Life and Limb for Cash

rogue samuraiFeatured Spotlight: MediBang

Money wasn’t always easy to come by at the tail end of Edo period Japan, especially for swordless samurai like Suzumori Ganjūrō. When the opportunity arises to claim a 100 Ryō bounty, he’ll do whatever it takes to hunt down the wanted man in question. That’s where the madness begins in Masakazu Suzuki’s Rogue Samurai manga, now available in its entirety from MediBang.

rogue samurai

Suzumori Ganjūrō has a stick where his katana should be. He didn’t even lose his sword in battle, he lost it after some bum dice rolls in a shady gambling house. Now he desperately needs money, and he can practically smell it when he learns of the 100 Ryō Man. Thus begins Suzumori’s scheming, and he’ll work toward obtaining this hefty reward by any means necessary. Reckless deceit, teaming up with little kids; anything goes!

This might end up being the hardest 100 Ryō Suzumori ever attempted to earn, and he’s not alone. In Rogue Samurai, everyone has their eyes on the prize, and action, stupidity, and hilarity ensue as they all trip over themselves to claim their fortune. Suzuki’s stylish art and deft sense of pacing make it a joy to watch it all go down.

rogue samurai

Suzuki’s Rogue Samurai manga was originally serialized in the pages of COMIC BEAM magazine between 2005 and 2006, and this marks its long-awaited English debut. It’s also publisher MediBang’s first attempt at releasing a lesser known manga series in an effort to make them more accessible overseas. Equal parts action, humor, and intrigue, Rogue Samurai is not to be missed. All three volumes are available on Amazon, so grab your digital copies to experience the story from beginning to end.

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