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Momokyun Sword Kicks Off an Epic Quest on Blu-ray & DVD

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We all have our own unique childhood stories. Some of us follow the natural path of birth and growth, while others start their lives as a baby floating in a river inside a giant peach. Okay… maybe that’s not so normal, but that’s the way life began for Momoko, so it should come as no surprise that she has a great destiny to fulfill in Sentai Filmworks’ Momokyun Sword Complete Collection,

Being found in a peach isn’t the only thing that separates Momoko from the pack. Her best friends—Inugami the dog god, Sarugami the monkey god, and Kijigami the pheasant god—have been training her in the way of the sword since she was little, and all that hard work is about to come in handy.

An army of evil oni rampages throughout feudal Japan, and it’s ultimately going to be up to Momo to stop them. She might be a little oblivious to her true destiny, but it’s all about to become much clearer as she starts to fulfill it by kicking a ton of oni butt.

Based on the series of light novels by Kibidango Project, and inspired by the folk tale of Momotaro, the Momokyun Sword anime is directed by Shinsuke Yanagi (Ro-Kyu-Bu!). Tsuyoshi Tamai (Strike Witches) handles series composition, with Hiroshi Tomioka on character designs for the Project No. 9 and Tri-Slash production. Join along in the exciting battle for the fate of Japan and the world in

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