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New Mushishi Anime To Air

Do you guys remember Mushishi, the manga/anime about a wanderer who helps people with
their problems with elemental creatures called Mushi?

No? Well, you’ve got about five days to catch up, because a new one-hour Mushishi special is
set to air January 4th.

It’s the first new Mushishi anime since 2006, which marked the end of the 26-episode series.
2006 also saw the release of a live-action adaptation, directed by none other than Katsuhiro
Otomo (Akira).

Mushishi centers around main character Ginko, who travels feudal Japan working as a kind of
healer specializing in Mushi, beings who somehow haunt or infect humans. The series, which
presents a new story with each episode, is particularly well-suited for a one-off TV special.
The special, which reunites original series director Hiroshi Nagahama and the original voice
cast, is entitled Sun-Eating Shade (Hihamukage). For those of us in the west, Crunchyroll will
stream the special starting at 11:30 eastern time on the 4th.

Source: ANN