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The Japanese Government Officially Designates Twin-Tail Day

In a culturally significant (or just very telling?) moment, the Japanese government has officially designated February 2nd as Twin-Tail Day, after the hairstyle favored by favorite otaku characters such as Hatsune Miku.

Fans had designated the date a long time ago – 2/2 or 02/02 kind of look like pairs of twin ponytails from the side, if you stare! – and it says a lot about the popularity of otaku culture in Japan (or is it just twin tails? Or just Miku?) that a niche fan celebration like has actually been recognized by the government.

What does this mean for Japan as a nation? Maybe a twintail-oriented amusement park or at least tourist trap be built? Here are some ideas:

– Twintail Coaster, in which the cars are brushes

– “Stop it, Onii-chan!!” Twintail Bungee – wrap ’em around your waist and fly!

– Twintail Capsule Hotel, where you can just crawl up inside your very own strand of beautiful hair and pass out.

For background detail, extensive study, lots of pictures and plenty of t-shirts you can buy, visit the Twin Tail Project website. Alternatively, you could put “twintail” into Pixiv and celebrate the hairdo for eternity with an infinite supply of art by the people who adore it most.

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