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Vocaloid Artist and Hitorie Vocalist wowaka Passes Away at 31


Fans of four-member Japanese rock band Hitorie were hit with some very sad news this week, with the announcement that vocalist and guitarist wowaka has passed away. The 31-year-old artist died as a result of acute heart failure on April 5, and the official website followed up with the news on April 8.

Prior to joining Hitorie in 2012, wowaka made a name for himself with a series of popular Vocaloid songs. He kicked it off with his first original Hatsune Miku song, “Gray Zone nite,” in 2009, and other popular songs include Miku’s “Ura-omote Lovers” and “Rolling Girl,” as well as the Miku/Megurine Luka collaboration “World’s End Dancehall,” among others.

Hitorie had two shows coming up over the weekend that had to be cancelled. While their future is unclear at the moment, the rest of the band says they plan to continue their musical activities.

The last tweet from wowaka, posted on April 1, simply read “Reiwa is beautiful—” in reference to the name of Japan’s new era.

Source: Official Hitorie website via Crunchyroll