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Wrap Your Lunch in These Adorable Totoro Handkerchiefs

It may surprise readers to learn Studio Ghibli’s My Neighbor Totoro wasn’t actually a hit for the studio when it was released in 1988 – but we suspect the mounds of merchandise over the years have more than made up for any box office shortcomings.

Now add these adorable handkerchiefs to the pile of Totoro must-haves.

These square handkerchiefs, known as tenugui in Japanese, are most frequently employed to wrap items like bento lunch boxes. The Totoro tenugui, which are due out this June, come in five variations: two Totoros, the Catbus, Mei and a design featuring the film’s soot sprites on a rustic leaf background.

The tenugui, which retail for ¥1,600 (about $14) each, come with mixed nuts and dried vegetable snacks. They’ll be available at Japanese chain Donguri Kyowakoku, which specializes in Ghibli merch, or online.

Source: RocketNews24