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What Does a 30-Year Collection of Weekly Manga Magazines Look Like?

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Weekly Japanese manga magazines are printed on cheap paper because they’re viewed as disposable, so it’s understandable that most readers don’t keep their collections on hand. Twitter user @pekindaq is different, though, because this Weekly Shonen Jump super fan has been hanging on to 30 years worth of issues.

That means his collection dates back to some of the true classics of Jump, including the likes of Akira Toriyama’s Dragon Ball, of which he is particularly fond. While showing off his collection on Twitter, he commented on the reasoning behind it.

“With 30 years of Jump at home, even if something unpleasant happens during the day, I can think ‘When I get home, I can still read some Dragon Ball.’ If someone is acting like a jerk at work, I can think ‘Should you be talking like that? I’ve been reading the Frieza arc at home.’

In modern society, you need a power level of 530,000 to get by, and sharing your home with 30 years of Jump is an effective way to do that.”

So, what does a 30-year collection of Weekly Shonen Jump look like? BEHOLD!

As other Twitter users commented, this is the room of dreams for many. How would you feel about having this incredible manga museum at your disposal?

Source: Twitter via SoraNews24