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7-Eleven to Release Life-Size Attack on Titan Figures

You know what I’ve always felt is lacking here at Otaku USA Japan Headquarters? A life-size figurine of Attack on Titan’s Eren, that’s what.

I think I’ll saunter down to my local 7-Eleven and put in my name for their new lottery, in which 20 lucky Titan fans will win the chance to buy either a life-size Eren or Levi.

The Eren figure measures 172cm (about 5’5”) while Levi is a little shorter at 162 cm (5’4”, but size doesn’t matter, right?).

Now, just to be clear, lottery winners don’t win the figures outright – they win the ability to buy the figures, which cost a pretty penny – 1,725,000 yen, or about $14,500.

Makes the Colossal Titan Bearbrick look like a bargain.

Man, are there really 20 people who like Attack on Titan enough to shell out $14,500 on one of those figures? I guess 7-Eleven thinks so…

Source: Crunchyroll

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