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Akihabara Noodle Shop Gets Sword Art Online Makeover

Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale hits theaters in Japan February 18, and one noodle shop in otaku mecca Akihabara is gearing up for the release by getting a major SAO makeover.

The Akiba branch of Nakau, which specializes in Kyoto-style udon, has been plastered in decals and art celebrating the SAO series.

The tie-up goes beyond visuals, too: Asuna voice actress Haruka Tomatsu is featured on the restaurant’s speakers in the role of “Asuna, as if she’d just become a Nakau employee.” Visitors who order selected items on the menu also receive original cards illustrated for the event.

The Nakau-SAO tie-up lasts until March 14.

Source: Anime Anime