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Anime About Crime-Solving Butt Named Butt Detective Previewed

Every time I scroll through the listings of all those anime streaming sites, my first thought is “there sure has been a lot of anime over the years, but we’re still missing one about a butt who solves crimes.”

Well, that won’t be an issue much longer, because Toei Animation is bringing a series of children’s books called Butt Detective to the screen.

To the internet screen, that is: Butt Detective, directed by Megumi Ishitani, will be produced for YouTube and the Japanese YouTube KIDS app.

It starts Yuko Sanpei (Boruto) as the titular detective and Ayana Saito as a dog named, somewhat unfortunately, Brown.

Actually, the series may be for kids, but it looks pretty darn fun (and for those of you studying Japanese, kids’ series are a great resource). Plus, you know, it’s about a giant butt who solves crimes. That’s something everyone can get behind.

Butt Detective premieres May 31.

Source: Anime Anime