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Anti-High Heel Movement #KuToo Picks Up Steam in Japan

Anti-High Heel Movement #KuToo Picks Up Steam in JapanIn Japan, wearing high heels or pumps is either mandatory or strongly encouraged for many working women. But some have had enough, as evidenced by the strong response to a change.org petition and hashtag called #KuToo.

The petition and hashtag, which combines kutsu (shoes), kutsū (pain) and #MeToo, was created by a group of eight people, including actress and writer Yumi Ishikawa. It’s garnered some 19,000 signatures to date.

Tokyo Reporter quotes Ishikawa as saying: “I want to change the atmosphere within society a little bit … I think it would be nice if women were able to wear flat leather shoes similar to men, who are not viewed being in violation of proper manners.”

The movement has been picked up by the mainstream media in Japan, and has even garnered a response from the country’s labor minister, who wrote that high heel requirements can be considered “necessary and acceptable” at some workplaces. Ouch.

What’s your take on #KuToo?

Source: Tokyo Reporter