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Best Final Fantasy Games, Characters, Music, and More Up for Vote

best final fantasy

Everyone has their own personal favorite entry in the long-running Final Fantasy franchise. But what about your favorite characters, music, summons, and more? You may love Leviathan, but which depiction of Leviathan do you love most? Japan’s public broadcaster NHK set out to determine the best of a ton of categories in an upcoming election, with votes being cast across the board until February 11, 2020.

When I say this election is going in deep, I mean it. It goes way beyond just letting fans vote on their favorite Final Fantasy game, including both mainline entries and spinoffs, adding up to 57 candidates total. The best character category alone has options for around 3,300 characters, from everyone’s favorite protagonists to lowly NPCs that barely register a noteworthy appearance.

The Boss/Summon category goes in-depth, as well. You can choose your favorite versions of Summons from all the different games they appear in. As for bosses, there are even separate entries for the various body parts you face off against when fighting Kefka at the end of Final Fantasy VI.

If you’re a fan of the franchise’s music, which you totally should be, there are a whopping 2,900 tracks to choose from in the election. As a result of all these options, some fans in Japan pointed out just how exhausting it is to go through it all. Others praised NHK for doing their homework, while some decided to go ahead and comment on their favorites.

The results of the election will be broadcast on NHK’s satellite channel on February 29, 2020.

If you had to cast your vote in the election, which game would you choose as your favorite? What about songs, characters, bosses, and more? Let us know what would make your list in the comments!

Source: NHK via SoraNews24