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Blade of the Immortal Slices Back with Sequel Manga

Blade of the ImmortalBlade of the Immortal (Mugen no Junin), the classic samurai manga by Hiroaki Samura, is back.

The manga, which ran from 1993 to 2012, is slicing back with a sequel called the “Bakumatsu arc.” It’ll run in the pages of Afternoon magazine starting May 25.

Okay, now for the bummer: Hiroaki Samura doesn’t seem to be directly involved. He’s credited for collaboration, but “Bakumatsu” will be helmed by Kenji Takigawa (story) and Ryu Suenobu (art).

As the name implies, the story will be set in the late-Edo Bakumatsu period, which you might be familiar with via Rurouni Kenshin. Or, you know, history. Anyway, Manji is back, and he’s set to battle some of Bakumatsu’s most famous real-life figures, like Sakamoto Ryoma.

If you’re not yet familiar with Blade of the Immortal, you can catch up with the original manga via Dark Horse. It also inspired an anime series and live-action film. Here’s how Dark Horse describes the orig:

A cursed, seemingly immortal warrior aids a young girl in her quest for revenge. Samura’s massive manga series spawned an anime run, a spinoff novel, an art book, and a live-action film! Intense and audacious, Blade takes period samurai action and deftly combines it with a modernist street idiom to create a style and mood like no other work of graphic fiction!

Source: ANN