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Block Body Odor With Blood Blockade Battlefront Body Spray

Blood Blockade Battlefront fans: did you ever find yourself, in the midst of watching the 2015 series about battling monsters and terrorists in a dystopian future New York, thinking “man, you know what would be a great piece of BBB merch? Body spray.”

Yeah, me neither.

But someone did, apparently, because a Blood Blockade Battlefront-branded eucalyptus-scented body spray is set to be released next month here in Japan. And it’s organic!

I suppose that much like the series’ secret organization Libra, who seek to prevent the horrors of Hellsalem’s Lot from spreading to the outside world, Blood Blockade Battlefront body spray forms a “blockade” that protects the outside world from one’s body odor.

And that’s not all! There’s also Libra lipgloss.

The BBB body spray retails for ¥1,944 (about $18) while the lipgloss, which comes with a compact Libra mirror, goes for ¥1,728 (about $16) and are both up for preorder on Luxent’s online shop.

Body Odor Blockade Battlefront: coming soon to a muggy Japanese summer near you.

Source: Comic Natalie