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BurgerTime Party! [Game Review] – Order Up!

burger time party

BurgerTime is a classic arcade game that’s been around for nearly 40 years. Players have been stacking burgers for four decades, and as such, it’s about time for another update to both the game’s aesthetic and mechanics. Enter BurgerTime Party!, XSEED and G-Mode’s latest refresh of the venerable arcade franchise.

The last true update to the franchise was nearly 10 years ago with BurgerTime World Tour, and while this new version is nowhere near perfect, it’s still a fun time for fans of the original game and newcomers who haven’t yet experienced the thrill of building their own delicious food towers.

Chef Peter Pepper and company (burger patties, lettuce, hot dogs, eggs, and other food creatures) have returned for another round of single, co-op, and multiplayer fun. You’ll notice first off that the game’s look adopts a fun, classic 2D animation-styled modern aesthetic that’s still colorful and great looking, with plenty of stylistic points that make it feel more like a Persona title than an update of an arcade classic.

burger time party

You can opt to play a series of single-player missions that play out in quick, bite-sized sessions. For BurgerTime newbies, the game is quite simple. You have burger buns (or hot dog buns) lining the bottom of the screen. You need to run across each ingredient across several floors to ensure they drop down (hamburger, lettuce, eggs, cheese, etc.) and complete the burger there.

You have to complete several burgers to finish each level. While you’re trying to do this, anthropomorphic eggs, hot dogs, pickles, and other enemies will try and stop you. If you get hit once, you’ll lose a life. You get a limited number of pepper shots you can use to dispel them, but most of the time, you just need to be clever enough to avoid them as they travel up and down ladders to get to you. You can do all this solo in the beginning of the game via Solo Burger mode, then try out Main Burger mode, which lets you play in larger stages in which up to four players can join in.

burger time party

There are over 100 stages that ramp up in difficulty the further you go into the game, and they’re all reasonably well-designed, even though BurgerTime itself can be a one-trick pony in the first place. One of the most exciting elements of the game, clearly engineered to be played with others, is the Battle Burger mode, which lets one player take on the role of Peter Pepper, while others are the egg, pickles, and hot dog characters who try to thwart his every move. Finally, Challenge Burger has online leaderboards and more challenging stages that you can play through alone if you’re looking for something more difficult.

Beyond those modes, there isn’t much to do in this arcade revival. But when you get right down to it, that’s true of most of its iterations. Overall, BurgerTime Party! is a simple, no-frills update to a classic arcade game that everyone can pick up and play. Given that it landed on Switch, it’s a good opportunity for those who like fun and frantic multiplayer action to jump in and enjoy themselves, even if it doesn’t rewrite the book on BurgerTime or anything like that. As long as you have several different ways to play the game everyone’s familiar with, it should season your patty just fine. Just don’t expect a particularly gourmet experience.

publisher: XSEED Games
developer: G-Mode
system(s): Switch
available: Now
rating: T