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Celebrate Evangelion’s 20th With Some Lingerie

What a combo.

Neon Genesis Evangelion, the Gainax-produced anime series that would go on to become a legend (and spawn a legendary amount of merchandise) went on air 20 years ago, and everyone’s celebrating in their own special way.

Japanese lingerie maker Peach John, for example, has brought out a line of Evangelion-themed under wears.

The lingerie comes in various patterns and color schemes, including tiny Lances of Longinus and an AT Field, plus a babydoll set inspired by the school uniform worn by Rei and Asuka.

Last but not least, don’t forget the head-to-toe PenPen onesie. Now that’s sexy.

Now that Evangelion 3.33 is finally on its way to home video in the States, perhaps an Evangelion lingerie-clad viewing party is in order?

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