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Cells at Work! Anime Wants You to Stay Hydrated in Pocari Sweat Collab

cells at work!

Is there anything the characters of the Cells at Work! anime can’t teach us? In episode 11 they tackled heat stroke, leading to the powerful solution of a saline drip in case of emergency. Now, in a collaboration with Japanese sports drink Pocari Sweat, that solution has been tweaked a little.

The results are a special episode 11.5, which essentially makes Pocari Sweat the savior of a particularly hot summer day. The collaboration serves a dual purpose. Not only does it help promote Pocari Sweat in a fun way, it’s also just a good opportunity to let the Cells at Work! cast remind us how important it is to stay hydrated, especially when the temperatures really start to rise.

Check out the twist on episode 11 in full below.

Source: Anime! Anime! Via Crunchyroll