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Check Out This Career-Spanning Interview with Shinji Aramaki

Shinji Aramaki. Even if you don’t know his name, you probably know his work: he’s spent decades in the anime industry, starting out as a mecha designer on shows like Mospeada and Megazone 23 before reinventing himself as a director of CG films like Appleseed and Harlock.

Yesterday Forbes put up a career-spanning, detail-filled interview with Arakami in which we learned the following facts:

  • Aramaki helped design the toys called Microman, which would later become the basis for Transformers
  • Though his first CG film was 2004’s Appleseed, he was playing with computer-generated 3D models as far back as the 80s
  • His involvement as chief director on the Halo Legends project came about because he was a big fan of the games
  • Aramaki is recently into drinking pale ale

All that and much more in this interview, which is well-worth the read if you’re interested in Arakami and the history of mecha design in anime.

Source: Forbes