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Classic Slayers Novel Series Returns with New Arc By Original Creator


Hajime Kanzaka’s Slayers series of fantasy light novels have been around since 1990, and they gained popularity around the globe thanks to their mix of action and humor and the beloved anime adaptations they spawned. Now they’re set to return, with the July 2019 issue of KADOKAWA’s Dragon Magazine announcing plans for the launch of the long-awaited third arc by the original author.

There currently aren’t any details on the story of the third arc or the exact release date. For now, here’s what Kanzaka had to say: “Rather than an official history, the third arc is going to be more like one of the possibilities, a parallel existence to the TRY TV anime and the Water Dragon King manga, I guess.”

Slayers has spawned 51 volumes over the course of its run so far, including 16 full novel volumes, 30 Special series volumes, and five Smash. series volumes. Over 20 million copies have been printed since its debut.

Source: Oricon News via Crunchyroll