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Create Your Anime Dream Girlfriend on iOS and Android

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Do you prefer the psychotic, adoring stares of a Yandere girl? Or the blushing, awkward love of a Tsundere girl? Are you more comfortable hanging out at the library or do you just wanna dance all night? With a wide variety of personalities available in-game, the customizing fun never ends in

available now on the


You can see a small sample of the customizability options available in the screen below.

Once you start tweaking your own anime girl’s avatar, it’s almost impossible to stop. You can change face, height, voice, and personality, among other settings, and look forward to a regularly-expanded catalog of wardrobe options. Once you’ve created the girl of your dreams, you can show off the results to other players in the game, or put it up for all to see on Twitter using the hashtag #dreamgf.

But what’s the point of putting forth all this effort if you don’t even get to hang out together? That’s why Dream Girlfriend lets you take your girl on dates, chat with her, help her study, and participate in new events that are introduced on a bi-monthly basis. For some extra help with progression, you can always team up with your friends and help each other along the way.

Don’t just wait around for your dreams to manifest out of thin air. Download

from the App Store and Google Play today and let your creativity go wild!

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