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Crunchyroll Acquires Majority Stake in Viz Media Europe Group

Crunchyroll Acquires Majority Stake in Viz Media Europe GroupThe folks at Crunchyroll continue to expand. This week, they’ve announced plans to become the majority owners of Viz Media Europe Group.

The European version of Viz Media, made up of several companies, distributes anime all over Europe in the form of TV, VOD and digital content.

Variety quotes Otter Media CEO (i.e. the big boss in charge of Crunchyroll) as saying “this transaction between Crunchyroll and Viz Media will combine one of the major anime brands ex-Asia with a well-known and beloved manga and anime distributor. Together, we aim to create connections for passionate anime fans across Europe and beyond.”

As our name suggests, we’re not especially focused on European anime distribution, but it’s interesting to see an American company jumping across the pond and vying for new markets. Any readers from Europe care to weigh in on this crunchy industry move?

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