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Dragon Goes House-Hunting in New Anime Adaptation

dragon goes house-hunting

Writer Kawo Tanuki and artist Choco Aya have a manga called Dragon, Ie wo Kau., AKA Dragon Goes House-Hunting. Now the fantasy series is officially getting an anime adaptation, as revealed on the wraparound jacket band of the manga’s fifth collected volume.

Dragon Goes House-Hunting has been running in MAG Garden’s Monthly Comic Garden and free web magazine MAGOMI since 2017, and Seven Seas Entertainment publishes the series in English. There’s currently no word on timing or format for the anime, so we’ll have to stay tuned for more.

Here’s how Seven Seas describes the story:

Letty is not very good at being a dragon. Actually, he’s so terrible at it that his dad went and kicked him out of the house! What’s a skittish monster of myth to do in a world where everyone sees him as material for their next suit of armor? Why, find a safe place to call home, of course. With the help of a slightly evil elvish architect, Letty’s quest for the ultimate draconic domicile begins!

The official Twitter account shows off the cover with the announcement:

Via Crunchyroll