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Evangelion Fans, Get Ready for the Apartment of Your Dreams

evangelionFans of the Neon Genesis Evangelion anime all eventually run into one major issue with their lives: Their own personal dwelling just doesn’t look enough like the interior locations from the TV series! It’s a pain many know all too well, but thankfully there’s a solution in the form of a two-bedroom apartment located in Gunma, Japan’s city of Maebashi.

For ¥45,000 (about $411), including maintenance fees, fans can rent out this one-of-a-kind Eva-themed abode, complete with appropriately decked-out sliding doors and stylish wallpaper. Check out some samples via Twitter user @000calimero000 below.


They’re not quite as dedicated, but you can also see some examples of Eva-style apartments in Sapporo:

Via Kotaku