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Evangelion Store Reveals LCL, NERV-Themed Bath Salts

Evangelion Store Reveals LCL, NERV-Themed Bath SaltsRemember LCL, the mysterious orange liquid used to help pilots connect with their Evas in Neon Genesis Evangelion?

Now you too can immerse yourself in LCL courtesy the fine folks at Japan’s Evangelion Store. The salts include carbonic sodium and botanical oils to help your skin feel smooth and refreshed. They do not, however, smell faintly of blood, as in the show.

Meanwhile, the Eva Store is also releasing NERV-themed salts, which include the same minerals, but release a green rather than orange color.

Both versions come in a pack of 12 for 4,536 yen (about $42).

This is only the latest in the Evangelion bath salts saga: another variation was released back in 2015.

How about filling your tub with LCL and diving in with some official entry plug swimming floats?

Source: ANN