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Evangelion’s Next Step for World Domination is… Branded Scissors!

evangelionWhat kind of merch do you come up with for a series that already has all the merch? That’s a big conundrum for the folks behind anime like Neon Genesis Evangelion, which has been plastered on pretty much everything over the years since its 1995 debut. So, it’s only natural that the next step takes EVA-inspired designs to a craft room near you.

Nikken Cutlery has two craft scissors on the way, with models representing Evangelion Unit-01 and Unit-02. The collaboration with JAMMY’s A.T.FIELD EVANGELION WORK brand is due out on July 5, with each pair of scissors priced at ¥2,500, or about $23.

The scissors will be available at  Hakuhinkan TOY PARK‘s Ginza main store, EVANGELION STORE TOKYO-01AppBank online store, and Gifu Prefecture Cutlery Hall.

Here’s a closer look at both:

Via Crunchyroll