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Fate is Comiket’s Most Represented Property Once Again


If there’s one thing past Comiket events have proven, it’s that the Fate franchise is one of the most popular subjects for doujinshi circles. This summer’s Comiket 96 has been no different, and the series has had no trouble topping the list as the most represented among circles.

This info comes from a graph detailing the top 20 titles among all the booths this year. All in all there are around 35,000 doujinshi circles at Comiket this weekend, 2,506 of which are representing Fate. This number is down from last year, but it’s still well above Kancolle, which takes the number two spot.

Here’s how the full top 20 looks:

1. Fate 2,506 circles
2. Kancolle 1,615
3. THE iDOLM@STER 1,597
4. Touhou Project 1,095
5. Touken Ranbuu 859
6. Virtual YouTubers – 500
7. Love Live! 445
8. Case Closed379
9. Azur Lane371
10. Girls und Panzer335
11. Vocaloid – 334
12. Granblue Fantasy324
13. Yuri!!! on ICE286
14. Haikyu!!176
15. TIGER & BUNNY171
16. Madoka Magica162
17. Hypnosis Mic161
18. BanG Dream!144
19. Kuroko’s Basketball138
20. Kemono Friends132

Source: WikipediaAniChil via Crunchyroll