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Fate/Grand Order Mobile Game Surpasses Metal Gear Solid Franchise’s Total Earnings

fate/grand order

Sometimes you need a really disparate side-by-side comparison to get a grip on just how successful certain games are. Take the explosive Fate/Grand Order mobile game, for instance. According to a report on the Kultur blog, Fate/GO has officially surpassed the combined earnings of the Metal Gear Solid franchise. To put that into perspective, Fate/GO did in four years what MGS did in 32.

In recent months, Fate/GO‘s microtransactions have added up to a little over $3 billion, which puts it above the $2.5 billion Konami’s series has pulled in since the 1987 debut of the first Metal Gear. This also puts Fate/GO neck and neck with Maple Story, which has earned around $3 billion over the past 15 years.

So, what’s the next earnings milestone for Fate to cross? Well, it still has to beat The Legend of Zelda franchise’s collective $3.2 billion, but it seems as if it’s only a matter of time at this point.

Source: Otakomu via Crunchyroll