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Get a Look at These Vespa-Inspired FLCL Sneakers

Get a Look at These Vespa-Inspired FLCL SneakersI can’t say I’ve ever wanted to pair of bright yellow sneakers… until now.

Right on the heels of FLCL Alternative and Progressive comes this hot new piece of merch: a pair of kicks inspired by Haruka’s yellow vespa from the series.

Sporting the Vespa’s yellow color and signature P!, these FLCL sneakers go for a reasonable 8,856 yen (that’s around $80). On pre-order until February 14 from Tokyo Otaku Mode, they ship at the end of June.

Here’s what the folks at Mode have to say:

To go along with the latest seasons, Tokyo Otaku Mode has designed sneakers in the motif of Haruko Haruhara’s beloved Vespa. Haruko is a main character who throws FLCL’s storyline into mayhem, and she alternates between nimbly and aggressively riding her Vespa. Special treatment has been given to the vivid yellow color, the P! mark on the scooter’s body, the red tail lamps on the shoes’ heels, and the number plate. These Vespa sneakers don’t need any difficult maintenance, so feel free to take them out for rides as you walk around the world!

Ride on shooting sneaker, man.

Source: Comic Natalie