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Ghost in the Shell Poster Turned Into Woodblock Print

A classic poster for the original Ghost in the Shell film, which is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, has been made into a limited-edition woodblock print that recalls traditional Japanese art.

The print is made in the style of ukiyo-e, a traditional Japanese artform that was especially popular in the Edo period (1603-1868).

The artist is none other than Hiroyuki Okiura, best known as the director of Jin-roh and A Letter to Momo. Okiura worked on the original Ghost in the Shell as character designer, animation director and key frame artist.

The print is being released in a limited run of 300, which will run for ¥43,200 (about $360) and is now available for pre-order via OtakuWorks Shop.

This print is just the first in a planned series. The second Ghost in the Shell ukiyo-e print will be illustrated by Ghost in the Shell Arise director Kazuchika Kise.

Source: Anime Anime

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