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Golgo 13 Hangs, Snipes From Your Coffee Mug

Legendary sniper Duke Togo, aka Golgo 13 has done it all: traveled the world, assassinated world leaders, slept with beautiful women, but now he’s really taken the cake.

Starting next week, fans of Golgo in Japan can buy a miniaturized Duke to hang from the edge of their coffee mugs in a variety of Golgo-ish poses.

These mini-Golgos come in five poses, including “sniping Golgo,” “sitting Golgo,” “dangling Golgo,” “aiming Golgo,” and “sneaking Golgo.”

They retail for ¥400 (about $3) and can be purchased in capsule toy machines throughout the country.

Hey Duke, this is awesome news. What’s your reaction?


I thought as much.

Source: natalie.mu

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