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Goro Taniguchi’s Back Arrow Nocks 2021 Premiere, Key Visual

Goro Taniguchi’s Back Arrow Anime Nocks 2021 Premiere, Key VisualGoro Taniguchi, the director behind Code Geass and ID-0, is back with a new original anime series called Back Arrow.

We learned about the series a few months ago, but now we’ve got a key visual, teaser trailer and word the series will premiere in 2021.

Aside from Taniguchi, the series will be staffed by the following humans:

  • Scripts: Kazuki Nakashima (Kill la Kill, Promare)
  • Original character designs: Shinobu Ohtaka (Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic)
  • Anime character designs/chief animation director: Toshiyuki Kanno (Altair: A Record of Battles)
  • Music: Kohei Tanaka (One Piece)

The series will be animated at Studio Voln.

The setup for the show involves a world surrounded by walls worshipped as gods and a man named Back Arrow from outside the walls who has lost his memory.

Sounds a lot like a certain Titan-ic show we know — but with Kazuki Nakashima at the scriptwriting helm, we’re guaranteed plenty of originality when this thing appears next year.

Source: Crunchyroll