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Gunpla to Boldly Go Where No Anime Toys Have Gone Before

Gunpla to Boldly Go Where No Anime Toys Have Gone BeforeWe’re not sure what this has to do with the Olympics, but we are all for it.

JAXA, Japan’s version of NASA, is teaming up with the University of Tokyo to launch Gundam models, better known as Gunpla, into space. It’s somehow meant to celebrate and promote the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics. Sounds like a flimsy excuse to launch some rockets, frankly, but we are not opposed!

The object to be added to the space trash orbiting earth is to be called a G-SATELLITE, which will contain both a Gundam and the red Zaku piloted by Char. Both will feature special plating to withstand the conditions up in space—just like the ones in the anime!

The satellite will also contain cameras to capture the Gunpla in space and transmitters to send friendly Olympic-related messages back to earth.

The G-SATELLITE is expected to be launched from the International Space Station between March and April 2020.

Bandai recently revealed that they’ve shipped 500 million Gunpla units to date, though all of them have remained on earth so far.

We’ll keep you updated as Gunpla prepares to enter the final frontier!

Source: ANN