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Heal your real life HP with Mana Potion!

During Anime Expo ’08, free samples of this mysterious substance were delivered to the Otaku USA booth. It bears the distinctive appearance of a JRPG curative item, and while contained in a tiny shot-sized bottle, was promised to contain the power of two redbulls. They weren’t kidding; according to the nutrition facts on the back, a single bottle contains 2 grams of caffeine and – no exagerating – 6,667% of the recomended daily dose of vitamin B-12!

The rest of our AX’08 staff were afraid to try more than a cap full of the stuff for fear of suffering super saiyan-like fits of unrestained energy, so this author volunteered to be the guinea pig and down the whole bottle. The taste is strong and unusual but almost exactly like Sweet Tarts candy, and it gives you a strong jolt of energy without making you jittery like coffee – probably because of the high B vitamin content.

Mana Energy Potion seems to basically be like a sweet-tasting 5-Hour Energy drink in cooler packaging, it gets the Otaku USA seal of approval. Order some here and try it for yourself.

Actually, after catching the red-eye flight back from L.A. I wish I had some right now…