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High School Fleet Lands Feature Film in Spring 2020

High School Fleet Gets Feature Film in 2020High School Fleet, the manga-turned-2016 anime series, is heading to theaters.

A feature film, produced by A-1 Pictures, has been announced for spring 2020.

Crew members announced so far include:

Chief director: Yuu Nobuta
Director: Jun Nakagawa
Script: Takaaki Suzuki and Kunihiko Okada
Music: Shigeo Komori
Character designer/chief animation director: Naoto Nakamura

The original High School Fleet anime aired between April and June 2016, and went a little something like this:

Living by the sea, protecting the sea, and journeying across the sea…They’re the BLUE MERMAIDS! Because of a shift in tectonic plates around 100 years ago, Japan lost much of its area to submergence. To preserve Japan’s territories, Coastal Cities sprung up, one after the other. Eventually, they became Marine Cities, and along with the expansion of sea-lanes to connect them, the need arose for a sizable staff to protect the seas. At the same time, maritime jobs were becoming more popular among women. Hence, the BLUE MERMAIDS had become every female student’s dream job. (Crunchyroll)

Source: Comic Natalie