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Those Who Hunt Elves Anime Returns on Blu-ray!

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Way before the isekai craze of today, there were plenty of anime series that told the tale of normal humans being transported into strange new fantasy worlds. There are none quite like Those Who Hunt Elves, though, and the full series is finally on Blu-ray thanks to Sentai Filmworks’ Complete Collection release.

those who hunt elves

Strongman Junpei, actress Airi, and teenage gun-fanatic Ritsuko are about as unlikely a trio as one could possibly imagine. They’ll have to work together if they ever want to return home from an unfamiliar world full of elves and other mystical beings, though, and it’s not going to be easy.

While it seems promising when the sorceress Celsia prepares to whip up a spell that will send them all back home, the process ends up going sideways as the spell gets scattered to the winds. Now parts of the spell are spread all over the land in the form of tattoos on the bodies of elves, so it’s up to our crew to travel around in their T-74 tank and hope all the elves they run into are willing to comply to an impromptu strip search.

those who hunt elves

Those Who Hunt Elves comes together in two seasons for a total of 24 wild episodes of anime. You’ll want to see how this road trip pans out, so order your own copy of the Those Who Hunt Elves Complete Collection on Blu-ray today!

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