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Husband-Wife Manga Team Cancel Series After Stirring Controversy

Oshikake Maid no Shirayuki-san

Morishige is the pseudonym for a husband and wife team responsible for series like Fudanshi Full!Koi Koi Seven, and Hanaukyo Maid Team, and the duo’s latest series is Oshikake Maid no Shirayuki-san (Stalker Maid Shirayuki). Following an indefinite hiatus in August, however, the series’ creators have officially canceled the manga, and some of the issues behind it stem from a recent controversy on Twitter.

Oshikake Maid no Shirayuki-san

Morishige’s announcement started with some clarification about the pseudonym, as well as the level of contribution on projects from both members of the duo. According to the husband, the wife took the lead on all series besides Hanaukyo Maid Team, Sakura Sakura, and Oshikake Maid Shirayuki-san, for which she handled coloring, tone work, and suggestions. Meanwhile, the husband handled business dealings with publisher Akita Shoten and the wife ran the Twitter account starting in 2017.

That’s where many of the problems stem from, apparently. According to the husband, the wife started tweeting information he says was “not grounded in reality” about the Bessatsu Shonen Champion editorial department and other writers. While she often tweeted from a male perspective, the husband insists it wasn’t him, and that he was attempting to stop her from using multiple Twitter accounts—including @morishige114510, @banzoku69, and @maddog37564—to make inflammatory statements.

As a result, the husband decided to cancel the Oshikake Maid no Shirayuki-san manga, adding that he feels responsible for continuing to use the official Twitter on his own while his wife was making controversial statements. The two now live with “some distance” between one another.

Morishige’s Oshikake Maid no Shirayuki-san manga first launched in the pages of Bessatsu Shonen Champion in May of 2018, and has been compiled into two collected volumes so far.

Source: Morishige’s Twitter via Anime News Network

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