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Japan Offers the Real-Life Final Fantasy Wedding of Your Dreams

final fantasyIf your dream wedding involves a wall-to-wall Final Fantasy theme, Square Enix and wedding chapel company Bridal Heart have just the plan for you. After announcing a partnership in December of last year, the pair are officially taking reservations for Final Fantasy weddings, which include everything from Ceremony of Eternal Bonding outfits to visuals, weaponry, and beyond. If Pokémon weddings aren’t your bag, this might be the best alternative available.

The outfits are the same seen in ceremonies in the land or Eorzea from the Final Fantasy XIV MMO. A crystal motif will be applied to the table settings and cocktails, and even the food gets the Final Fantasy treatment. If Moogle macarons sound like the perfect treat to offer your guests, you’re completely covered with this plan.

Here’s a look at the outfits, a sample of the ceremony decorations, and the table settings, cocktails, snacks, and Chocobo champagne available to those who sign up:

Fantasy couples will even be treated to a magnificent Final Fantasy cake, and the festivities carry on through to the marriage certificate itself.

At the time of this writing, Bridal Heart’s Duexzero in Kobe is offering reservations. You can see more on the official website. Would you be down for a Final Fantasy wedding? Let us know what your dream additions would be in the comments!

Source: Duexzero, PR Times via SoraNews24