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Japanese Campus Notebooks Celebrate Mario’s 30th

Walk into a Japanese classroom and you will no doubt see this: a simple, lightweight notebook labeled Campus. Debuting 40 years ago, Kokuyo’s Campus notebooks are pretty much the standard in Japan for note takin’.

Now Campus have teamed up with Nintendo for a line of notebooks that celebrates the Super Mario Bros. series’ 30th anniversary.

The covers of the six commemorative notebooks each feature a pixel-perfect image from the original Super Mario Bros., along with the words “Thank you! Super Mario Bros. 30th Campus 40th.”

Time flies, huh?

The site also features a cool chart tracking the evolution both of Mario and Campus notebooks (I think they skipped a few iterations, but eh).

The notebooks will be released in mid-October, and you can bet collectors will be snapping those puppies up.

Source: Jean Snow

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