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Kyoto Animation Attack Leads to Change in Japan’s Gasoline Sales Rules

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Considering the devastating impact one man’s use of gasoline had on Kyoto Animation’s Studio 1 back on July 18, it’s no surprise to see that Japan is changing up the rules surrounding gasoline sales. According to a report from the Kyodo news agency, sales will be more tightly regulated moving forward, with the updated rules potentially being implemented in February of 2020.

Per the new guidelines provided by Japan’s Fire and Disaster Management Agency, gas stations and other sellers will need to conduct ID checks and ask the reason for each customer’s gasoline purchase. This follows an attempt to check IDs voluntarily back in July, but it’s being made into a mandatory rule after some customers declined those initial requests.

If all goes according to plan, any suspicious customers will be reported before another similar incident can occur in the future.

Source: Kyodo via Anime News Network