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Kyoto Animation Puts Victims and Families First When Distributing Donations

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The months following the July 18 arson attack on Kyoto Animation have been both heartbreaking and uplifting. While Studio 1 lost a staggering amount of its employees on that day and the weeks after, it has been reassuring to see the anime community come together in support of KyoAni’s recovery. Now that it’s time to start distributing all the money that’s been donated since the tragedy occurred, Kyoto Animation is carrying on with that thoughtful spirit.

Rather than putting money toward business recovery, Kyoto Animation will distribute all the donations to the victims and their family members. This was decided at the first meeting of the donations’ allocation committee last week, during which they also considered how to decide the amount of money to distribute to those injured and the family members of those who passed away.

Rather than dividing the donations into lump sums and handing them out equally, the committee is taking individual circumstances into consideration for all of those affected. They will meet with bereaved families, consider the additional needs of households with children, and factor in situations in which the Kyoto Animation employee was the highest earning member of the household.

Nothing can change what happened on that day in July, but it’s nice to see Kyoto Animation continue to put their employees ahead of any business responsibilities.

Source: Jiji via SoraNews24