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Kyoto Animation’s Studio 1 Building is Being Demolished

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The next steps are officially underway for Kyoto Animation’s Studio 1 building, which was devastated in an arson attack on July 18. Workers have already started gutting the interior of the anime studio, with a complete demolition to follow.

Kyoto Animation made the decision to demolish the building. Beyond the high costs that would come along with a full renovation, CEO Hideaki Hatta previously said, “Seeing our precious building in the state it’s in now truly pains my heart.”

The project kicked off on the morning of November 23, as workers cleared the interior and started putting up scaffolding around the building. This step will likely be complete by the end of the year, after which they will begin to demolish the structure of the three-story building.

The demolition process is currently pencilled in for early January, 2020, with a completion date expected sometime in late April.

Even for those outside of the company that simply live in the area, the sight of the scorched building is a painful one. Hopefully this next stage of recovery allows everyone to continue moving forward in peace, with the thoughts of the deceased and injured nearby at all times.

Source: Kyodo via SoraNews24
Image: Wikipedia/L26